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Mamma’s Cooking

Little Sisterz has been serving traditional Italian comfort food with a twist since 2018. To celebrate Mamma Vacchio’s birthday, on that March 10th, we opened our doors in the historic town of Spencerville, Ontario, to share homecooked meals inspired by our Neapolitan-Italian roots.

Just like an Italian Mamma’s comfort food, our dishes revolve around olive oil, garlic, basil and tomatoes and we source our ingredients from local farms as much as possible. Just how our Mamma would bring us baskets of food from her home garden back in the day, our neighbourhood farmers do the same. And while our main ingredients are very basic, they are always a winning combination no matter how you slice it.

At Little Sisterz, we’re all one big family and Gina is our Mama Bear! Along the years we’ve grown together and created a safe and healthy environment where everyone is cross-trained and able to jump in and help wherever is needed in the restaurant.



Meet Gina

Like a real-life Remy from Ratatouille, Gina is always looking for new flavours to add to her traditional Italian cooking. Coming from a non-stereotypical small Neapolitan family, the Vacchio household is a quiet bunch until we come together. For us, it’s always been about food and love, and nothing pleases our “Little Chef” more than customers capturing that essence of love that we pour into our dishes when they first taste them.

At Little Sisterz, we always have fun creating new and exciting dishes that incorporate ingredients that are great alone, but even better when paired together.

Italian Bottega

The Little Sisterz Bottega started as a small fridge and freezer where we sold ready-made meals that our customers could take home, heat up and enjoy. With time it became more popular and we decided to dedicate a whole new space for it where we could add to our community with traditional Italian products. Browse through our Bottega for pantry items, ready to buy refrigerated and frozen meals (like lasagna, soups and sauces). We even have a gluten free zone!

Sunday to Wednesday - 8am - 8pm Thursday to Saturday 8am to 9pm

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