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By Glass: 3oz – 4.95 6oz – 8.95 9oz – 12.95 

By Bottle: 29.95/750mL – Dine In

NEW! By Bottle: 22.95/750mL – Take Out 

Wine Flight – 12.96

Three selections from our wine list, 3 oz. each 


Vista Point Pinot Grigio – California 

Fruity and refreshing, bright notes of apple, peach and citrus with a crisp and refreshing finish. 

Pelee Island Chardonnay – Ontario 

Juicy ripe peach and lime flavours on the palate. Medium bodies with racy acidity. 


Vista Point Cabernet Sauvignon – California 

Pleasant cherry and berry notes on the palate with oaky vanilla on the finish. 

Konzelmann Estate Merlot Private Reserve – Ontario 

Medium body, aromas of black current, cherry and milk chocolate. Flavour of raspberry with soft tannins. 

By Glass: 3oz – 4.50 6oz – 7.95 9oz – 11.50 

By Bottle: 23.95/750mL – Dine In 

NEW! By Bottle: 19.95/750mL – Take Out 

Matteo Bianco – Italy 

Fresh, floral, spice and grapefruit character with clean texture and clear fruit flavors. Food-friendly alternative to Pinot Grigio. 

Fantini Farnese Sangiovese Red – Italy 

Deep ruby colour; leather, cherry, cranberry, tobacco and earth aromas; dry, medium-bodied, with velvety texture and ripe cherry flavours. 

Bring Your Own Wine Corkage Fee – 9.95

Ask for more details or see our Facebook Notes for more information. 

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Spirits (1.5oz) – 6.95

Liqueurs (1.5oz) – 7.95

Purple Polka Dot (1.25oz) – 9.95

Gin and tonic with blueberries and mint.

Dirty Italian Martini (3oz) – 12.95

Vodka, dry vermouth, olive juice, garnished with anolive stuffed with garlic.

Caramel Monkey Martini (3oz) – 12.95

Caramel banana vodka, RumChata, garnished withcaramel.

Nutty Italian Martini (3oz) – 12.95

Frangelico, Baileys, coffee ice cubes, topped withcold milk froth.

Canadian Classic Caesar (1.25oz) – 8.95

Vodka, Clamato with tradition seasonings.

Mimosa for Two (375mL) – 17.95

Pelee Sparkling Secco and 1/2 L orange juice.

Birra Moretti – 6.95

Italian, 500 mL Pale gold colour with lightcarbonation; aromas of sweet malt, lightly toastedcereal, bread and floral hops, with light grassy/herbalnotes; light bodied, slightly bitter/hoppy finish.

Bud Light – 6.95

Ontario, 473 mL Light golden colour; light malt andhops; very light body touch of citrus to finish.

Coors Light – 6.95

Pale gold colour; light grain with a touch of mineralaroma and flavour; soft, pleasant finish.

Flying Canoe Hard Cider – 6.95

Ontario, 473 mL Handcrafted in small batches thispours a pale golden colour with aromas of binnedapples and spice; softly carbonated with delicatesweetness and resonating flavours from the nose,the finish is crisp and clean.

Whitewater Brewing Co. Farmer’s Daughter – 6.95

Ontario, 473 mL pale malt and locally farmed hops tocreate a crisp ale with well-defined flavours. Apple andcitrus notes lead to a clean and mildly bitter finish.

Gina’s Fav (1.25oz) – 10.95

Frangelico and Bailey’s with fresh brewed coffee topped with whipped cream.

Blueberry Tea (1.25oz) – 10.95

Grand Marnier with black tea. 

We have more! If you don’t see something you like,ask about our ‘secret’ stash! 

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